CV in PDF form here.

1956  Born in New Jersey, USA and raised in Manila, Philippines
1975  American Academy of Art, Chicago USA
1980  BFA University of California at Santa Cruz
1992  MFA Mills College, Oakland, California, USA

Major Public Installations:

2015  AC Transit Bus Rapid Transit Corridor, 9 miles, metal and hex panels artworks for 36 stations, Oakland to San Leandro. Lead Artist with team Mildred Howard, Joyce Hsu and Peter Richards.
2015  CSU, Monterey Bay Vision Mural,  20’ x 300’, acrylic,  Created with Visual and Public Art Dept
2014  Bernal Library, current, “Story Cloud”,  15’ x 50’ glass mosaic and tile, San Francisco
2014  Pajaro Park Mural, 300 foot mural for the primarily farmworker community in Pajaro, California
2013   Hamilton Recreation Center, Celebrate Ability  6 (42”) Mosaic medallions,  San Francisco, CA
2012   Streetwise  Tire Totems,  Artisterium , Tbilisi, Georgia. Sponsored by US Embassy
2012   Starbird Youth Center   10’ x 20’ x 30’ steel, San Jose, CA
2011  Humming with Life  13’ x 200’ mural, San Francisco Civic Center Post Office
2010  Mission and Vision Tapestry  glass mosaic pillars, Skyline College, San Bruno
2010  I-Hotel Mural  International Hotel, Kearny at Jackson, San Francisco, CA
2009  Intertwined  1,000 sq ft. ceramic tile installation, Glide Housing, San Francisco, CA
2007  Beacon  w/ Brian Laczko concrete, metal, glass, tile public sculpture, Stockton, CA
2006  Loop Tattoo  135′x 45′ mural, Chicago, IL
2006  Flight of the Mind  57’ x 20’ interior mixed media installation, Clark College, WA
2006  Roots and Veins  w/ Julio Morales, permanent public installations, SF Juvenile Hall, CA
2005  Youth Uprising Center  w/Mildred Howard, permanent public installations, Oakland, CA
2004  Community Key  4’ x 200’ ceramic tile, fiberglass and metal installation, Milwaukee, WI
2004  Play Ball   tile and glass mosaic sculpture, Rochambeau Park, San Francisco, CA
2003  Birdwatch  6’ x 200’ tile installation, Ted Fairfield Park, Dublin, CA
2003  Woven Wall  w/ Brian Laczko, Caltrans Soundwall design, Stockton, CA
2002  Sign of Spirit /Symbol of Survival  10’ x 16’ interior mural , St.Lawrence University, New York, NY
2001  Dragonfly  ceramic tile installation, Tutubi Park, San Francisco
2000  Cesar Chavez Memorial  8’ x 24’ wood relief, Sonoma State University Library , CA
1999  Equations  34”x 12” tile installation and 2’ x 40’ test in concrete, Wells Middle School, Dublin, CA
1999  Shapes of Life  5’ x 30’ interior ceramic tile installation, San Francisco General Hospital, CA
1998  Oiga mi Llamada  16’ x 80’ mural, Taller Cultural, Santiago, Cuba
1997  Constellations of Information  600’ long tile installation, Alameda County Treatment Center, CA
1996  The Guardians  35’ x 100’ mural, Tenderloin National Forest/Cohen Alley, San Francisco, CA
1996  Underdog Ad Agency  night view posters, Market Street Art In Transit, San Francisco, CA
1996  A Place To Dream  (6) 12’ x 12’ sections mural Episcopal Sanctuary, San Francisco, CA
1995  Open Arms interior  13’ x 50’ tile, granite and marble wall, San Jose Children’s Shelter, CA
1995  Gabrielino Nation  20’ x 130’ mural, San Pedro, CA
1995  Tenderloin Children’s Playground  ceramic tile floor and pillars, San Francisco, CA
1994  Stamps of Victory  20’ x 200’ mural I-10 Freeway, Los Angeles, CA
1993  Calle de la Eternidad  62’ x 42 mural on Broadway at 4th, Los Angeles, CA
1992  To Cause To Remember  40’ x 80’ mural on Soma Homeless Shelter, San Francisco, CA
1990  Artifact  40’ x 80’ mural, SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA
1988  Flying-Dragon-Snake-Monkey-Bird  11’ x 40’ ceramic tile, Boeddeker Park, San Francisco, CA
1988  Harvey Milk Memorial  40’ x 60’ mural Harvey Milk Center, San Francisco, CA.
1986  Lakas Sambayanan  35’ x 80’ People Power mural, Alemany Blvd, San Francisco, CA
1984  Ang Lipi ni Lapu Lapu  90’ x 25’ mural, San Lorenzo Center, San Francisco, CA


2015 Music of the Lost Cities , Video/Sound with Chris Brown, Spectrum NYC , East Bay Media, Berkeley
2015 Glamorgeddon: The Spectacle,  SOMArts Gallery, San Francisco
2014 Music of the Lost Cities , Video/Sound with Chris Brown, Manila Transi(en)t, Philippines
2014  Soapbox,  performance, Berkeley Art Center
2013  Where To From There,  Pro Arts, Oakland
2013  RISK, Berkeley Center for the Arts, CA
2013  MLYLT  painting/sculpture,  Boston Center for the Arts, Mass
2012 Karvasla, Artisterium Streetwise exhibit, Tiblisi, Repbulic of Georgia
2012 Asterick Gallery,  Art and Design exhibit, San Francisco, CA
2012  MLYLT  painting/sculpture,  Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, New Jersey
2011  Lost Cities   video/sound with Chris Brown, Luggage Store Projection Space, San Francisco, CA
2011  SpaceBi: Placesetting   San Francisco Asian Art Museum project by Imin Yeh, San Francisco, CA
2011  In the Moment   Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2011  Paper to Place   Kruglak Gallery, Oceanside, CA
2011  Private=Public   Skyline College Gallery, San Bruno, CA
2011  Fresh Work   KALA Gallery, Berkeley, CA
2011  Shadowshop project by Stephanie Syjuco   SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA
2010  Placesetting   solo show, Manilatown Art Center, San Francisco, CA
2010  Mad World: Messages to the Future   Galeria de la Raza, San Francisco, CA
2010  Villa Montalvo   Artist Residency, Saratoga, CA
2010  Infix:The Grammar of Insertion   installation/performance, Barrionics, SFMOMA’s Artist Gallery
2010  Lost Cities   performance, HONF Media Center, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
2010  Music of the Lost Cities   video/sound The Living Room, Manila, Philippines
2009  Colonization of the Dreamworld   solo show, Togonon Gallery, SF
2009  Lost Cities   solo show, Crossing Tracks Gallery, San Diego
2009  Strange Hope   Galeria de la Raza, San Francisco, CA
2008  Bay Area Now 5   Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
2008  Behind Closed Dollars   Manilatown Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2008  Subversive Complicity   The Lab, San Francisco, CA
2007  From Hedonopolis   Thatcher Gallery, USF, San Francisco
2007  Driven   solo show, Togonon Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2007  OverMapped   Remy Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2007  Galleon Trade   Mag:net Gallery, Manila, Philippines
2006  Subject to Revision   Togonon Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2005  Forecast: Art for Public Art    Minneapolis, MN
2004  Barbaric   video, Dutch Electronic Art Festival, Netherlands
2004  The Empire Ultra   installation/performance, The Lab, San Francisco
2003  Barrionics does Barrioque   Togonon Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2003  No War   Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2002  Marking Time   installation w/ Chris Brown, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA
2002  Barrionics   Reynolds Gallery, U of the Pacific, Stockton, CA
2002  East West Clay Invitational   Kansas City. MO
2002  Reconstructing Reality   Oakland Art Gallery, CA
2002  The Post-Glamour Summit   performance New Langton Arts, SF, CA
2001  Pacific Studios Gallery   Brooklyn, New York
2001  BAE   installation Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2000  RX   solo show, Washington Square Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2000  The Glamour Summit   solo show, Somarts Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2000  Made in California   Los Angeles Museum of Art, CA
2000  Truth and Lies   Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA
1999  The Un-Noble Savage   San Jose Museum of Contemporary Art, CA
1999  KAKA with Diwa Collective   Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines
1998  Angels and Aliens   Walter McBean Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
1998  Tracing a Strain   Galleria de la Raza, Diwa Collective, San Francisco, CA
1998  Sino Ka? Ano Ka?, with Diwa Collective   San Francisco State Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1998  Labyrinth   Yerba Buena Center for the Arts , SF, CA
1998  “1898”   Bronx Museum for the Arts, Diwa Collective, New York, NY
1998  Babaylan   Museo Ng Manila, Manila, Philippines
1997  Arte Publico Y Muralismo   Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico
1997  The Untouchables   solo show, The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1996  DIWA   Capp Street Project, San Francisco, CA
1996  Philippine Diaspora in Contemporary Art with DIWA   UC Irvine Gallery. CA
1995  Sex Sells   Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1994  Lipstick Guns   Richard Reynolds Gallery, U of the Pacific, CA
1993  Swig Watkins Award Exhibition   New Langston Arts, San Francisco, CA
1993  Cherry Bomb   Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA
1993  San Francisco Muralists   Valeyre Center, Paris, France
1992  Mills College Art Museum   Oakland, CA
1992  DIWA Collective, performance   Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA
1989  ”Imagenes Vivas”   Sociedad Mexicana de Artes Plasticas Mexico City, Mexico
1989  Mentopoly installation  Capp Street Project, San Francisco, CA
1985  Working Live installation/performance  Walter McBean Gallery, SF Art Institute, CA

2014  SOMarts Curatorial Residency Program
2013  The Siqueiros Award, Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC)
2011  Maryland College for the Arts, Nathan Cummings Foundation Writers Grant
2006  California State University, Research and Scholarship Award
2001  San Francisco Beautification Award
1999  Potrero Nuevo Fund Prize
1999  San Francisco Bay Guardian Goldie Award for the Visual Arts
1997  Most Innovative Mural Award
1996  California Arts Council Artist in Residence award
1996  National Endowment for the Arts Regional Initiative Award
1995  California Arts Council Artist in Residence award
1994  Master Muralist Award
1993  Swig Watkins Award
1992  Trefethen Award for the Visual Arts
1989  California Arts Council Artist in Residence award

1994-present Professor, Visual and Public Art department, CSU Monterey Bay
1995  San Francisco State, Art Education
1995  California College of the Arts Multi Media
1994-96  Artistic Director for Inner City Public Art Projects for Youth
1985-1993  California Arts Council for the Arts Artist in Communities

Selected Books, Articles and Video Documentaries:

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