August 26 Celebration

You never know how an opening will go but as the musicians set up, electronic bird sounds started to fill the post office and the Mellotones began to play on the street the full range of creative expression took over the corner. The sweet and sincere power of art should be no mystery.  Friends and strangers came to listen and participate in the community ribbon cutting.  Mayor Ed Lee arrived, Raj Sanghera, the Acting Post Master, and the sponsors and friends of the mural.  A good time was had by all.  Mabuhay!




Music and art

Little Hummingbird Painting Day

Little Hummingbird Painters

On August 3 we had a fun and very busy day painting little hummingbirds with participants who signed up through Dina at North of Market/Tenderloin Community Benefit District.  She has been great to work with on this project and got a sign up sheet going.  Every 20 minutes or so a new painter showed up. Our Post Office friends did the first ones on the inside of the building.  Both Gwendolyn and Mercedes were all smiles as they created their little birds.  John, an older painter stood by his little bird to protect it as it dried.  Kids from the Boys and Girls Club came and did their birds around the corner.  Some gals from TNDC dropped by and a woman that worked in the Methadone program. I got to ask her some questions about the drug problem in the neighborhood.  She was very informative. I also invited  the Honduran gal who greets me every time she comes to work the corner.  Her face lit up and she did her bird with great finesse.  Now I understand why she was so interested in the project…she is a potential painter herself.  Doug, our Post Office photographer painted the last bird by the front counter, in between serving customers.  He wants to be able to see it as he works. It’s really done now and the celebration is set for Friday,Aug 26 at 5pm.