Pajaro Park Mural

I have not had a moment to update this blog since the last entry. Well, maybe I could have taken a minute or two but there was always something pressing to do or a distraction to get my mind off what I have to do.  Here is the first update. Spring 2014

Pajaro Park Mural.  This was a tremendous effort over a 2 year period to plan and execute.  As Artistic Director I led the process from working with the project architects to make sure the site was ready to receive a 300 foot mural painted off-site on special media, designing, teaching, painting , coordinating the artists and installing on a construction site.  This mural brings vivid color and imagery to a park for the primarily farmworker community of Pajaro, California.  Supported by the City and County of Monterey and the Monterey Arts Council and the Visual and Public Art Program, including contributions from alumni.  John Elliott assisted me in the process and local artist Jose Ortiz worked with community to create a beautiful centerpiece.