Barrionics theory

I spoke on a panel tonight about my work and art in general at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  The artistic process is not always easy to explain but one thing for sure is that my inspiration starts with what I wear. My body and how I dress it, cover it, present it. Barrionics (as in Barrio and electronics) is a performance group with Rico Reyes, Anne Perez and myself.  We work together as ideas come up.  It is sporadic and ritualistic.  We get an idea. We choose some music. Rico makes our costumes and writes it up.  Anne does the experimental sound. I do the video. We mix it up and work on the spot. The paintings below are from our last exhibit  The Search for Kwan.

Lucy Burns wrote this interesting article that features BARRIONICS and the Mail Order Brides (M.O.B.)  Very theoretical and illuminating.

Your terno’s dragginÕ- Fashioning Filipino American performance

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