Glamorgeddon Limo Lectures


Circle the city of San Francisco in a garish pink limousine while enjoying an array of 30-minute performative lectures facilitated by scholars, performers and activists.

L.M. Bogad
L.M. Bogad will guide all intrepid Limo-nauts on a DRIVE-BY AUCTION of cosmic proportions throughout San Francisco. Be prepared to bid! And to sell! This auction within a lecture within a game will ask: what are you in the market for?

Manananggoogle Executive Team (Jenifer Wofford, Reanne Estrada, Eliza Barrios)
Manananggoogle’s mission is to organize the world and make it universally accessible and useful. With offices all around the globe, its headquarters remain in Mountain View, California. Certain circles in Silicon Valley have not taken kindly to this powerful company’s formidable influence, and nervous whispers abound: Manananggoogle’s 3 founders and chief executive officers are even rumored to in fact be the legendary, mythical Philippine manananggal–– bloodthirsty, vampire-like creatures.

Manananggoogle’s Limo Lecture promises to inspire you to new heights of corporate achievement, and/or new lows of abject terror. Dress to impress. Diapers potentially necessary.

Dr. Kathryn Poethig, Academic Alchemist presents:
Tiamat: The baseline of the Mystery is the Monster
In this Anthropocene epoch where humans and their juggernaut of capital have radically affected earth’s systems, Tiamat, the goddess, has revived to avenge herself. The new myth, The Glamorgeddon, is the story of the chthonic goddess’ rage and resistance to extraction, commodification and degradation.

Dr. Amalia Mesa-Bains and Angelica Muro present:
It’s All About the Base: Racialized Bodies and the Popular Gaze
This interactive lecture will examine the shift in anatomical desire and the rise of the “booty” with analysis of popular music videos, racialized bodies and historical references to early figures such as the Hottentot Venus, South African women presented as a circus sideshow. Participants will be engaged in discussions of feminism and hyper sexuality in the media. Dr Mesa-Bains will be accompanied by Professor Angelica Muro, a specialist in media analysis.

Jaime Cortez and Dr. Marcia Ochoa
Artist Jaime Cortez and Professor Marcia Ochoa of UC Santa Cruz will elaborate on ideas put forth in Ochoa’s adventuresome new book “Queen For a Day: Transformistas, Beauty Queens, and the Performance of Femininity in Venezuela.” Beauty pageants play an outsized role in Venezuela. The country has won more international beauty contests than any other. Come explore the connections between national femininity and modernity. Cortez and Ochoa will draw parallels between Venezuela’s world-class beauty queen culture and the culture of transgendered women, who make the streets of Caracas site for work and a place to inject fabulosity into the urban imaginary.