High Stakes Divination Cards


Resonance of image and text is my form of divination. This set of High Stakes Divination Cards plays with the powers of suggestion. There is good fortune and then there is luck. There is chance and then circumstance. Predict your day. Choose a card to live by. Fortune telling is popular culture. Divination is a ritual of signs and omens in an attempt to organize seemingly unrelated events and logics.  The dread and humor of daily life, the architecture of our social lives, the symbols of culture, odd behaviors, pleasures and pain, obsession with the tactics of empire, environmental meltdown and open sourced, random scavenged images are my vocabulary.

NEW for 2019: High Stakes Divination Cards sets and High Stakes Guide are now available!  Purchased them through this site or at Mercury 20 Gallery in Oakland.

Exhibitions, Readings and Performances:
SOMArts Gallery,  San Francisco, 2019

Mercury 20 Gallery, 2019

Atelier Siegele, Darmstadt, Germany 2018

Gear Box Gallery, Oakland, 2018

Harrison House, Radio Free Joshua Tree, CA, 2014

Berkeley Art Center 2013