Passing By

I had fun taking pictures of people walking down our block.  Nice conversations and even a face from the past.  It’s time to stock up on new brushes. The wall eats them up.  Jenifer reported on the Tuesday taxi strike. They circled the block 3 deep honking. The “community” keeps messing with our scaffolding. Taking off safety bars, breaking off the wood climbing guards, pushing the frames off of their blocks.  I have had Access Scaffolding over 3 times to fix it.  The small legless guy was really drunk/high/angry on Friday. He rolled into the middle of the intersection and screamed at the cars trying to cross. The woman in the bright blue shirt (who would like us to paint people smoking crack in the mural as a warning to the children) was laughing “He does that all the time to get the attention of the dealers”.   I painted the big blue flower at one end of the mural and birds blowing out of the trumpet on the other side. John painted gold stripes with blues and orange at the entrance.

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