The vanguard stylings of Barrionics presents the latest developments in Barrio electronic music and designed environment. Barrionics members are Rico Reyes; an interdisciplinary artist working in video, installation and performance. Anne Perez is a composer of new music that bears primitive and modern elements. Johanna Poethig is a visual, performance and public artist who works both in the studio and public sector.

In their first music video, “Pobreng Alindahaw” they process a beautiful song from the Visayas region of the Philippines through several layers of sound and video manipulations. Images of the “poor butterfly that has no place to land” flutter through skies with helicopters and stealth bombers. Their video, “Sarung Banggi”, has mythological elements of the universe, the romancing of deities and mysterious figures involved in subversive activities. “Barrionics does Barrioque” plays with the aesthetics, passions and politics of baroque traditions and transculturalizations.  The result are works of art that cross cultural aesthetics in several directions. “In Search of Kwan” is a new body of work exploring the essence of “Kwan”, the great among, the unspeakable, the invisible, the inaudible.  “Kwan” is a speech disfluency in Pilipino occurring similarly like “um” or “like” in speaking when there is a break in speech pattern or a-loss-for-words. The occurrence of “Kwan” in spoken Pilipino offers an insight to the way consciousness is negotiated with others. Barrionics video, performance and experimental sound compositions use sweet song metaphors to explore musical styles and political points of view while never losing a sense of “camp”.

Exhibits, Performances and Videos:
SFMOMA Artists Gallery 2010 San Francisco
The Living Room Artspace Manila, Philippines
Goldsmiths,  University of London
University of the Philippines Quezon City , Philippines
Washington Square Gallery
The LAB San Francisco
New Langton Arts
Reynolds Gallery at University of the Pacific