Faux PAS-logy

FAUX PAS-logy   2008
An anthropological examination of cultural inappropriateness

WIGband’s Johanna Poethig aka Dr. Silver and Barbara Golden aka Dr. Bambi present post doctoral work in video and song in the ground-breaking field of Faux pas-logy. In their sub-colonial, anthropological examination of cultural inappropriateness they put a magnifying glass on the questionable practices of Bay Area natives. They get in touch with their inner colonial to make a tongue in cheek video that features WIGband as anthropologist/scholars in different locations with a variety of “subjects” as they ask their probing questions, make their astute observations and take copious notes. A new anthropological language of disambiguation, colonoscopyzation and physicagyration will be exposed to the general public.
In full pith helmet headdress Wigband will do their research, present their findings and perform their new song “Faux pas-logy” in a live performance with their new video at : POW! Mini Performance Art Festival 2008  @ Space Gallery