Glamorgeddon Spectacles


January 8
The opening night spectacle featured live music and performances by Fuzzybunny, Chris Brown, TIm Perkis, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, a high-powered electronic improvisation trio, and Theresa Wong as Her Unholiness the Nth Incarnation of the Dolly-Lama, as well as gal*in _dog aka Guillermo Galindo and Woffles and Herb.

POP! Glamorgeddon Souvenirs, a collection of artist-created swag hawked by The Guttergals, a 4 decade old bowling association “for gals that don’t bowl.” Souvenirs include the Glamorgeddon Safety First 2015 Calendar, created by Johanna Poethig and starring the Guttergals in bedazzled hard-hats giving lessons on safety for the new epoch, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, mugs and entrails contributed by artists Manananggoogle, Imin Yeh, Alice Wu, WIGband and more.

January 30
Performances in the gallery  include WIGband, a legendary,  feminist performance art cabaret duoacreated by Johanna Poethig and Barbara Golden in 1985, a new work by sound artist Laetitia Sonami and Queen Crescent, a heavy psychedelic flute rock band.