Music of the Lost Cities

MUSIC OF THE LOST CITIES  a collaboration with composer Chris Brown

“Music of the Lost Cities”  is a psycho-geographical, mixed-media narrative that explores pre and post apocalyptic urban landscapes and architectural backdrops through imaginary characters named “the sub-colonials” who move through these past, futurist, and surreal environments. It has been technically realized using multichannel projections of sound (via low-power FM radio transmitters) and video.  “Music of the Lost Cities” is an electronically animated shadow-play, inventing a futurist epic by drawing on the free association of sounds and images from many different world cultures.

Collaborators in the project  are Chris Brown (Sound) and Johanna Poethig (Video) from Oakland, California. They have collaborated with artist/curator Eliza Barrios for the Luggage Store Projection Space and with members of the SABAW Media Kitchen from Manila, Philippines: Tengal (Sound),  Tad Ermitaño (Visuals), Caliph8 (Sound) and Malek Lopez (Sound) in an outdoor radio performance titled “Transmissions Gangan” at Cubao-X in Quezon City, Philippines, featuring video and still images projected on a band performing live electroacoustic music which was transmitted via FM radio to cars with hifi audio systems parked among the audience, creating a live video-sound installation.


Krowswork Gallery                               Oakland, 2016
Spectrum                                                New York City 2015
East Bay Media                                     Berkeley, 2015
Manila Transi(en)t,                              Philippines, 2014
Luggage Store Projection Space        San Francisco
di Rosa Preserve                                    Napa, California 2011
Mills College Concert Hall                 Oakland, California 2011
House of Natural Fiber (HONF)      Taman Budaya Art Center, Jogjakarta, Indonesia 2010
Cubao-X                                                 Quezon City, Philippines 2009
The Living Room Artspace                Manila, Philippines 2010
Crossing Tracks Gallery                     San Diego, California 2008