Post-Glamour Summit

New Langton Arts, San Francisco

San Francisco — New Langton Arts presents Post-Glamour Summit 2002, a performance event that brings together video, visual art, and social critique from fourteen Bay Area artists to humorously throw up their fists at the corporate packaging of glamour. From WIGband’s multimedia antics to FUZZY BUNNY’s software-based musical improvisation, Post-Glamour Summit 2002 inverts the traditional runway and looks into the heart of darkness that beats within starving models and the consumers who feed them.

Organized by San Francisco artist and activist Johanna Poethig, Post-Glamour 2002 is the latest incarnation of the artist’s millennium multimedia project Glamour Summit 2000. The original summit invited several artists to participate as “delegates” (identified by their polka-dotted scarves) and sought to reclaim glamour from the “capitalist, corporate, and media agendas” (Poethig) by revealing the manipulation behind fabricated beauty imagery. Spoofing celebrity, fashion shows, and advertising, Post Glamour Summit 2002 continues to advocate investigating what is “post” about glamour in an era in which “the new look is fear, shopping is patriotic, and hybrid fashion wins all the People magazine awards for worst dressed” (Poethig). Performances and/or  video by Johanna Poethig,Barbara Golden, Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Terri Hanlon, Anne Perez, Tim Perkis, , Helen Prince, Rico Reyes, Laetitia Sonami, Julio Morales, Gustavo Vazquez, ChiChi ChaCha and Nora Chipaumire.


“Narcissism revealed seems fastidious and self-aware rather than vain.”

“My view is that in the end people don’t change. They still want beautiful things. they may buy less, but, long term, consumers will consume.”

“The fashion world thrives on irony and bitchiness and meanness. This attack (9/11) is making people sincere. I’m not sure that will be good for fashion.”