The Empire Ultra


“The Empire Ultra” is an event that brings together performance, sound, video and social critique from Bay Area artists to strain out the juicy toxins of living in “the empire”. Terror and wild humor are the essential tone of contemporary America during these horrific and ridiculous times. This performance includes FUZZY BUNNY, Chris Brown, Scot Gresham- Lancaster, Tim Perkis, software-based musical improvisation, the Empire Ultra theme song from the WIGband, Laetitia Sonami’s bionic “lady’s” glove, “Ocho Ocho” by the Barrionics which examines Bush’s 8 hour visit to the Philippines, a sound offering to the Empire by Guillermo Galindo and Paula Cekola and video by Michael Trigilio, Gustavo Vazquez, Johanna Poethig and VJ Love. The installation includes video projection mix by VJLove, costume, flags, lights and stuffed animals.

The Lab,  San Francisco