WIGBAND 4 Decades 5 Presidents


Songbook and CD by legendary SF performance art cabaret duo:
Barbara Golden and Johanna Poethig 2013
22 Songs, historic photos and memorabilia in one sassy package designed by Jenifer Wofford.

Wigband, created by Johanna “Silver”  Poethig and Barbara “Bambi” Golden in 1985, is a legendary, tasteless, feminist performance art cabaret duo.  WIGband has been entertaining and stimulating the Bay Area for many years with their songs, videos, comedy and cabaret.  This new songbook WIGBAND 4 DECADES 5 PRESIDENTS provides a comprehensive exploration of their work as well as the national events and attitudes of these American presidential eras.  Here is your chance to be challenged and changed but never chastised by this duo’s thought-provoking feminist works with a bite and a bit of sauce on top!  This silliness with substance and banality with a bite. Though neither the presidents and their administrations, nor many of their policies have survived or aged well,  Bambi and Silver definitely are still going strong. WIGband’s Barbara Golden, fabulous at 71, a much married ex-housewife/schoolteacher has produced everything from a music/recipe book to works of experimental music. Johanna Poethig, daughter of missionaries, is an internationally known visual and public artist.