WIGband Stimulus Spa

WIGband Stimulus Spa 2010

The latest “fitness video” from WIGBand.  Over the last 25 years Wigband, created by Johanna Poethig and Barbara Golden in 1985,  the tasteless feminist cabaret duo, has produced dozens of songs and many short movies that through humor, aggressive sexuality and language explicitly comment on the life of gals in pre and post-post-modern America. Wigband is known for its in your face satire of life’s everyday imposed conformities and across the globe obscene politics. WIGband’s Barbara Golden, fabulous at 70, a much married ex-housewife/schoolteacher from Montreal has produced everything from a music/recipe book to works of experimental music.  Johanna Poethig, daughter of missionaries, is a well known visual and public artist.

Screened at:
POWPOWPOW  Performance Art Festival  San Franciso 2010
Berkeley Film and Video Festival 2010