Alemany Blvd. People’s Power Mural

LAKAS SAMBAYANAN (People’s Power)  1986
with Vicente Clemente and Presco Tabios.
300 Alemany Blvd. S.F.
(35’x80’) acrylic mural

This mural commemorates the 1986 revolution in the Philippines in which Marcos, dictator for 20 years, was ousted from power in a non-violent uprising. The mural shows the people in front of the military tanks, workers trapped behind sugarcane, a young girl scavenging on “Smokey Mountain”, a garbage dump, Cory Aquino holding her assassinated husband “Ninoy” with figures from protest movements behind her. The culture and history of the Philippines is depicted in the muslim gong and catholic christmas star and a figure on horseback , the famous revolutionary Gabriela Silang. The centerpiece of the mural is the stone head Marcos had built of himself in the side of a mountain blowing up with a torch of freedom and the symbol of the bird created by political prisoners of the Marcos regime, emerging. Commissioned by the San Francisco Mural Resource Center.