I – Hotel Mural

I-HOTEL Mural 2010
International Hotel Senior Housing/Manilatown Heritage Center
Kearny and Jackson
San Franciso, CA

The I-Hotel Mural, 20′ x 20′,  commemorates the history of the International Hotel’s decades-long struggle for low income housing at this site. The words of Al Robles, beloved poet and activist, float across the sun-moon circle that represents the I-Hotel’s communal life. He is joined by Etta Moon and Bill Sorro, activists for fair housing. At the upper right is Wahat Tompao, and outspoken I-Hotel resident. On the upper left, another resident, Luisa de la Cruz (Mrs. D) enjoys her inner city garden. Within the circle, I-Hotel manongs (elders) play music, pose for pictures, and dance. A young girl waits at the time of the eviction. A boy performs at an annual August 4th I-Hotel eviction commemoration, as this story is passed from one generation to the next.