Week 6: July 1, 2011

End of the week. Three day weekend. Hot on the site today. The drug store was open. The self mutilating blond’s name is “Peaches”.  She had tons of make up on and a metallic purple handbag in the shape of an electric guitar.  Trying to get the top of the mural done so they take can the scaffolding down. It’s been a refuge, a shelter from sun and rain, from the police, a place to sleep, pass through, shoot up, smoke and paint.

It rained on Tuesday. The planks were wet but seemed “fresher”. Cristina came on Wednesday. She finds our all sorts of things since she speaks Spanish.  A dealer made lots of conversation with her today asking questions about the mural to avoid the “undercover” cop hanging out nearby.  He told her he couldn’t leave so as to appear too obvious. The colors and brushstrokes look so different as the light shifts through the day . You think you are done in the morning but in the evening light the rough edges show.

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