WALL STORIES takes the form of a unique art manuscript illustrated by the public art and socially engaged project images with other visual documentation from the times they were created.  The stories are selected from the dozens of projects I have created over the last 4 decades.  The arts projects themselves are situated in the development of street art forms, muralism, feminist, multi-cultural, community art, architecturally integrated, civic percent for art, performance and situationist art movements that became what we call site specific, social practice or engaged art today. The stories are personal accounts of art making in the urban environment, the creative visioning process, response to political times, the bureaucratic hurdles, the crossing over of culture, age and circumstance and the training of an art ambassador.   My projects include major historical projects Lakas Sambayanan (Philippines Peoples Power Revolution), Harvey Milk Mural, Cesar Chavez Memorial, I-Hotel Mural to name a few. These are stories about making art in neighborhood cultural centers, mental health facilities, homeless shelters, prisons, jails, art with refugee children, Filipino- American history, for major transit systems viewed over the long range of a career.  The writing style is a mixture of personal narrative, cultural memory, creative visioning, historical context, critical analysis and technical challenges.  In the field of urbanism WALL STORIES illustrates the on the ground, everyday experience of an artist working to create a place that tells the stories in shape, line, images, colors, materials, of the inhabitants of our cities.