Big Bang Bowling Pins

Extreme Sports Series
Big Bang Bowling Pins
2016  Spun Smoke, Oakland
2015  SOMArts Glamorgeddon Exhibition

The Big Bang Bowling Pins explode at the origin of the universe.  There is a test of skill, the judgement of character, the game of life, the vanity of winners and the end of an epoch  embodied in this Extreme Sport of bowling.  Pins fly, lie shattered and stand in formation. The Harlequin Amphibian Pins are already extinct and look alarmed. The masked pins are prepared to survive in riot gear, radiation and viral protective clothing and Japanese school girl fetish fashions.

Bowling balls and pins were found in the tomb of an Egyptian king who died in 5,200 B.C. The ancient Polynesians bowled on lanes that were 60 feet long, the same as today. Bowling as we know it began in Germany sometime during the fifth century. People pretended that the pins were devils and they used a round rock or heavy ball as a weapon to knock them down. If successful, it indicated they were overcoming the temptations of the devil in their lives. If not, their lives still had too many sins.