The Glamour Summit

The Glamour Summit  2000
An installation of paintings, delegates, souvenirs and performance.

“Glamour” does not mean beauty, but illusion; the power of image to charm and trick to achieve one’s desires. The real basis of “glamour” is intelligence and cunning.

The “Glamour Summit 2000” was an exhibition and invitation to leave behind the exclusionary definition of “glamorous” as one that has been defined by capitalist, corporate and media agendas and the cult of glamour consumers. Since glamour is intelligence and illusion, the “Glamour Summit” was an invitation to recapture “glamour” and make it global. This installation of paintings and sculpture by Johanna “Silver” Poethig aka Angel Savage addressed the current manifestations of the beauty industry with a twist of satire and homage to true  “glamour” . Paintings set scarf-wearing subjects against summit backdrops, in polka dot landscapes. Sculpture took the guise of souvenirs – consumer treats for the art fancier. The paintings and sculpture are branded with the corporate logo  “Glamour Summit / House of Cargo”. Our consumer culture’s obsession with capital, product and marketing have created a cult of fashion and glamour that only a few can achieve. This work makes glamour global, the only necessary elements being a polka dot scarf and the right attitude. Glamourous delegates included members of the Guttergals, WIGband, Debora Iyall,  Jon Waters, Laetitia Sonami, ChiChi ChaCha and Official Photographer Christopher Dierdorff.

SOMARTS Gallery, San Francisco