Exterior/Interior 2006
ceramic, wood, video

Architectural sites and social environments guide the art that I create for public structures. Ceramic and tile, as it has been used for objects and in architecture, has far reaching historical and cultural references and the advantage of great permanence as a medium. I use mass produced tiles that become small canvases fired and re-fired with layers of image and surface. On each tile I make images that explore the body, our origins, the trappings of our commodified lives, decay, sexuality, innocence, war…whatever resonates for me day to day. This system of tiles and structures allows me to invent my own language of symbols and surfaces, open to interpretation. I add to this traditional medium the element of video. This combination of media and materials resonates with the past and future. The video imbedded in the tile animates the architectural forms into hybrid bodies.

Solo Show:
Togōnon Gallery
77 Geary, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA

“Overmapped”  Filipino American Artists
SOMARTS, San Francisco, CA