Positional Vertigo

Positional Vertigo
Mercury 20 Gallery
Oakland, CA

This new series of paintings, prints and magnetic cards are tea leaves in the human endeavor to find signs, interpret symbols, count the numbers, spin the wheel, read the cards while being sucked into the vortex of the epic struggle to find balance. My work is a conversation between the personal and the political in the context of empire and the media spectacle that entangles our daily lives. In the carnival of our times we are trapped in the technologies of our own invention and lured into the razzle of the gamble, prediction and punditry. Fascinated by the unexpected overlap of the analytical and mystical arts of forecasting this body of work invites the viewer to turn the wheel, meditate in the vertigo of multiple positions, arrange the cards and consider the commentary.

In my 2015 exhibition at SOMArts Glamorgeddon: The Spectacle, I explored how the social, political and mystical qualities of glamour have both colonized and empowered us.  Positional Vertigo  experiments with visual concepts that question how we perceive the way images are positioned and ideas shaped in an environment spinning with mediated content and absurd choices.