2050 Calendar Year

BSD Triple Action: Breathing•Smoking•Drinking Device
mixed media

Everyday there are more dire predictions. Over the years I have responded to coming train wreck of over consumption, environmental degradation, corporate highway robbery and global cultural confusion with my own futurist, satirical series of products, personas and visual depictions of lost worlds and hybridized humans, the “sub-colonials”.

The 2050 Calendar and BSD Device is my latest concoction.  In 40 years my “Triple Action” mask offers the ability to breath, drink and smoke all at once.  Since everyone will have to wear those pesky, sweaty masks in order to breath the BSD will enable us to continue our bad habits as we schmooze and socialize.  Its distinctive design is reminiscent of an elephant trunk thus inspiring the Ganesh image for the 2050 Calendar. The calendar itself predicts the events of the next 40 years.

Exhibited at:
Galeria de la Raza      “Mad World: Messages to the Future”   San Francisco  2010
Montalvo Art Center    Saratoga, CA 2010